Orange-stirred Cinnamon Old Fashioned

This original World Of Mixology variation of an Old Fashioned aims to amplify the warm sensation that spreads throughout your body when take a sip of a regular Old Fashioned. With the addition of Cinnamon in the Syrup, and a few pieces of orange in the mixing glass, this variation is perfect for the colder months, but I personally enjoy this cocktail anytime a year and believe it’s not only the best Old Fashioned variation, but also one of the best whiskey cocktails out there.

Orange-Stirred Cinnamon Old Fashioned



We prefer bourbon, and recommend Eagle Rare – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

60 ml
Cinnamon Syrup

Can be adjusted between 5-10 ml depending on how sweet you like your cocktail.
Simmer a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water with a couple of sticks of Cinnamon bark for ~1o minutes.

7.5 ml

We recommend Angostura bitter. Adjust to 2 or 4 depending on your liking.
It is possible to supplement with a couple of dashes of another bitter, but we don't recommend omitting the Angostura completely, since its pairing with the Cinnamon is a central part of the cocktail.

3 dashes

2 cm cubes with both furit and peel, for adding in the mixing glass, for a Regal Stir.

2 cubes


Step 1: Add to mixing glass

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and add plenty of ice. If you don't have a mixing glass, stir it directly in the serving glass.

Step 2: Stir for 15-30 seconds

Stir for 15 to 30 seconds depending on how strong you want your cocktail. Stir at least until you see condensation on the side of the mixing glass.
Stirring with orange cubes in the glass is called a Regal Stir (normally only peel). This will release some the oil from the orange peel into the cocktail, and in this case also a tiny bit of the fruit juice, adding to the complexity of the taste.

Step 3: Pour in lowball

Pour the cocktail into a chilled lowball glass, over a large ice cube. If you only have small ice cubes, stir the cocktail less in step 2, since it will dilute faster in the glass.

Step 4: Garnish with orange peel

Garnish the cocktail with a piece of orange peel. Make sure to squeeze the oil form the peel onto the cocktail.

Spirit Recommendations

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Ingredient #1


Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace is without a doubt one of our favorite bourbon, because of its well-rounded taste, and spicy expression. We would use this in almost any cocktail, and therefore it is also perfectly suitable for a spirit-forward cocktail like an Old Fashioned, where the taste of this bourbon can really be celebrated.
Ingredient #2


Angostura bitter

Substitute a couple of drops of this, but do not forego adding Angostura Aromatic bitters completely. Angostura is the primary bitters of the cocktail world and is used in so many cocktails. So we highly recommend getting a bottle.

Flavor profile

All Old Fashioned cocktails are spirit-forward cocktails where you really get to taste and enjoy the complexities of the spirit you are using, and this variation is no exception. This is also why you should use a high-quality whiskey, preferably bourbon, for this cocktail. We recommend Eagle Rye – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

The key difference between this and a regular Old Fashioned is the warm, pungent and aromatic flavor of the Cinnamon, which pairs so well with the Angostura Bitter. This and the slight acidity added from the orange make for a perfectly balanced cocktail, one that we think is one of the best Old Fashioned variations out there, and probably also one of the best whiskey cocktails overall.

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