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Spirit-Forwards are cocktails that have a heavy focus on the base spirit. They usually contain only a few ingredients other than the base spirit, often a modifier like Vermouth or similar fortified wine, bitters or small amounts of syrup or liqueurs.

Spirit-Forwards are almost exclusively stirred cocktails since the emphasis on the base spirit requires precise control over the dilution of the cocktails. This is also why they are either served up (without ice) or on a single large cube of ice, never on multiple ice cubes and especially not on crushed ice.

The garnish for Spirit-Forward cocktails is usually very simple, often simply a piece of citrus peel with the oils expressed over the cocktail to enhance the spirit flavors and add aroma.

Popular classic cocktails in this category include Martini, Old Fashioned, Negroni and Manhattan.

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Orange-stirred Cinnamon Old Fashioned Cocktail

Orange-stirred Cinnamon Old Fashioned

A variation of a classic Old Fashioned, that introduces warm and seasonal flavors to the mix. Made with Whiskey, Cinnamon Syrup, Angostura Bitter and Orange, this cocktail is a perfect evening sipper for the colder season.

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