Refined cocktails in Camparino's Timeless Atmosphere

Located at the tourist epicenter of Milan, next to Duomo di Milano, Camparino offers cocktail enthusiasts an unforgettable experience. With a classic style, amazing cocktails, and a view that captures the essence of this vibrant city, Camparino represents the essence of Milan.

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About the bar

A Timeless Oasis

Camparino in Milan stands as a timeless oasis in the midst of the busy tourist traffic of Milan town square. The ground floor might trick the unknowing traveler in thinking this is just another tourist trap, but this crowded space bustling with tourists, only sets the stage for what awaits on the upper level – a refined bar and restaurant offering a genuine and elegant experience. The ambiance is classy, with beautiful views that make it an ideal location for a memorable evening.

Amazing cocktails. But more than thirsty?

Campari takes center stage, not just in decor but also on the menu. While Campari and Negronis are the stars, the menu goes beyond, offering an array of options. We recommend booking seats for Aperitivo, which is a small snack plate with delicious treats to enjoy with your cocktails. For the hungry traveler, they also serve three-course dinners. But while their food is good, the main event is their cocktails. I’ve had the pleasure to experience cocktails from many of the best bars from around the world, but the ones from Camparino are still some of the cocktails I most often wish I had in my hand when thirsty at home.


The Flavors of Nature

The Agricole cocktail at Camparino Milano is a symphony of flavors – sweet yet not overly so, with grassy notes that complements the subtle mineral taste from the mezcal. The presentation is minimalistic, playing in to the freshness of the drink. Served with style, it's a delightful introduction to the artistry of Camparino's mixologists.


Mushroom Negroni

The Porcini Negroni is a masterpiece and represents the essence of Camparino. It centered around dried porcini mushroom infused Campari, which adds a delightful chocolatey undertone, creating a balanced bitterness with a slight smokiness. The garnish is not just for show but a flavorful revelation, making it reminiscent of the beloved Naked and Famous cocktail.

Smokey Highball

Simply Perfect

In simplicity lies perfection – the Smokey Highball at Camparino Milano is a testament to this. With housemade black cardamom soda adding a pleasantly smokey touch, even non-whiskey lovers could be converted by its freshness. It's simple, refreshing, and delicious, and I could easily throw back quite a few of these on a sunny afternoon.


Stunningly Beautiful

The 1865 cocktail is a journey into refreshment. With a nice ginger spice and a beautifully presented Angostura float, it captivates both the eyes and taste buds. The combination of angostura and ginger beer is executed flawlessly, creating a very good and invigorating experience.

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Camparino Milano is not just a bar; it’s an experience steeped in classic elegance and cocktail artistry. From the authentic atmosphere to the impeccable service and, most importantly, the unforgettable cocktails, this cocktail bar captures the essence of Milanese charm.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit to Camparino Milano promises not just a drink but a journey into Milan’s cocktail scene. A definite recommendation from us for those seeking a classic and unforgettable evening.

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