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Best Bars in Milan

World of Mixology’s recommendations for the best bars in Milan.

Milan stands as an exceptional destination for cocktail-loving tourists, blending ancient beauty, vibrant nightlife, and a rich cultural scene. The city’s captivating architecture, from the iconic Duomo to the historic Sforza Castle, provides plenty of material for the exploring tourist. Milan’s nightlife pulses with energy, offering an array of cultural events, ensuring visitors are immersed in the city’s dynamic spirit. As the birthplace of iconic Italian cocktails like the Negroni and the Milanese classic, the Americano, Milan plays a pivotal role in Italy’s influence on cocktail history. Thirty travelers can indulge in the creations of world-class mixologists, as the city hosts several of the best bars globally, each a testament to Milan’s position as a top destination for cocktail enthusiasts seeking those seeking a refined and memorable cocktail experience.

See our pick for some of the best bars and cocktail experiences in Milan below.

Picture of Camparino Bar


Camparino offers an unforgettable cocktail experience in Milan with a classic style, friendly staff, and amazing and elegant cocktails.

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