Toasted Almond

An Easy Dessert Cocktail

Toasted Almond is one of those few cocktails whose name actually indicates how it tastes. The taste of almond is brought by the Amaretto liqueur and the toasted or roasted flavors come from the coffee liqueur. These flavors combined with a wonderful creamy texture, makes for a delicious cocktail. With only three ingredients, Toasted Almond is a great choice for an easy dessert cocktail, or an after-dinner delight. Toasted Almond is closely related to the White Russian. Check out our riff on the White Russian, Hazy Russian, for another great dessert cocktail.

Toasted Almond Cocktail


Almond Liqueur

This recipe is designed around Amaretto, which we recommend. Other types of almond liqueur might be able to substitute, but it might yield a different result. We recommend Adriatico’s Amaretto, or alternatively Disaronno Amaretto.

45 ml

Coffee Liqueur

Any coffee liqueur will work, but since the cocktail only has three ingredients, we prefer to use something with a more nuanced flavor profile. We recommend Aber Falls Coffee & Chocolate Liqueur. Aber Falls Salted Toffee Liqueur is, despite not being a coffee liqueur, also a delicious choice in this cocktail. Alternatively, Kahlua is a decent alternative.

45 ml


The choice of cream will decide the texture of the cocktail. We recommend heavy cream. For a lighter and healthier alternative you can use milk, but this will impact the texture of the cocktail.

30 ml


Cool your glassware

This cocktail is served up, meaning without ice, so cool your desired glassware before you make the cocktail, either by filling it with ice or by putting it in the freezer. We recommend serving this cocktail in a Martini glass or a coupe.

Add ingredients to shaker

Add all 3 ingredients to a shaker and add plenty of ice.

Shake for 15-20 seconds

A big part of this cocktail is its texture. Therefore, to make sure the cream froths up nicely, this cocktail is shaken a bit longer than usually, 15-20 seconds.

Fine strain into your glass

Fine strain the cocktail into your chilled glassware. Fine straining a frothy or foamy cocktail (shaken cocktails with egg, pineapple, or cream) will help the texture to get even smoother.

Garnish with grated chocolate

Grate some dark chocolate onto the foam on the cocktail.

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Ingredient #1

Almond Liqueur

Adriatico Amaretto Classic Roasted Almonds

We love the nose that Adriatico’s Amaretto gives this cocktail. It’s made on roasted almonds as opposed to apricot kernels which many other Amarettos are made of, which gives this cocktail a wonderful marzipan aroma.
Ingredient #2

Coffee Liqueur


Kahlua is one of the most popular coffee liqueurs out there, and for a good reason. It’s affordable, and while other brands might deliver a more powerful coffee flavor, Kahlua has a great balance and delivers some sweetness that is welcome in a cocktail like Toasted Almond that doesn’t have any syrup.
Ingredient #3


Ingredient #4

Flavor profile

The first thing you notice when sipping this cocktail is its wonderful creamy texture. It coats your mouth with the subtle sweetness of almond and marzipan flavors. As these flavors subside, a slight bitterness and deep roasted flavors of coffee kick in, which linger for a long-lasting aftertaste. While this is a cocktail that you might not drink many of in one evening, the first one is definitely a delicious treat. Being only 3 ingredients, this is super easy dessert cocktail and therefore a perfect option for a dinner party.

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