The Hideaway

Düsseldorf's Cozy Cocktail Haven

Located in Düsseldorf, The Hideaway stands out as a notable destination for cocktail lovers. This bar has built its reputation on delivering high-quality drinks in a laid-back setting.

Picture of Brick wall in the Hideaway bar

About the bar

Cozy ambiance in a "New York style"-setting

Upon entering The Hideaway, visitors are welcomed by a cozy ambiance featuring a dark green color scheme, a brick wall, and retro bulbs casting a warm glow, creating a slight “New York style”-vibe. The minimalistic decor allows visitors to focus on the main attraction—the well-crafted cocktails. Jazz music playing softly in the background complements the overall relaxed vibe.

While the front room is relatively well furnished, the backroom definitely lacks the attention to detail, with almost no décor and furnished with tables and chair that could be found in a cheap pizzeria – So if there is room, stay in the front.

One of the best bars in Düsseldorf

The Hideaway establishes itself as one of the best bars in Düsseldorf through an unwavering commitment to attention to detail. The bar meticulously selects beautiful crystal glassware that enhances the visual presentation of each cocktail. The use of clear, hand-cut ice cubes further underlines their commitment to the craft. Moreover, The Hideaway distinguishes itself by utilizing advanced mixology techniques, such as clarification, showcasing a willingness to explore innovative methods that elevate the flavors and textures of their cocktails to new heights.

Picture of Lyasaka cocktail in the Hideaway bar
Picture of Lyasaka cocktail in the Hideaway bar


Award-winning Elegance

The Lyasaka cocktail stands out not only for its pleasing aesthetics but also for its subtle bitter aftertaste and fruity undertones. Served in beautiful crystal glassware, this drink offers a delightful combination of grenadine, plum, and apricot flavors, providing a wonderful experience.

The Lyasaka is an award-winning cocktail, and a must try.

Clarified Old Fashioned

Smooth and Spice

The Clarified Old Fashioned at The Hideaway is a testament to craftsmanship. Boasting a smooth texture achieved through clarification, this cocktail offers a pleasant blend of sweet and spicy notes.

The homemade hand-cut clear ice cube adds a touch of sophistication, while the subtle bitter aftertaste completes the experience.

Picture of Clarified Old Fashioned cocktail in the Hideaway bar
Picture of Parmigiano Sour cocktail in the Hideaway bar

Parmigiano Sour

A Savory Sour

For a unique twist, The Hideaway's Parmigiano Sour presents a savory variation of the classic Pisco Sour. The Parmigiano garnish introduces an interesting aroma, creating a well-balanced blend of sour and sweet. Sherry adds a slight nuttiness, harmonizing the flavors for a distinctive taste.

While we appreciate the idea and creativeness that this cocktail showcases, we found the Parmigiano to be a bit misplaced in this specific cocktail.


Chocolate, Cream and Berries

The Pistaberry cocktail is a creamy concoction. With berry flavors and a mild chocolate taste, this cocktail offers a rich and satisfying experience. The balance of nuttiness and the presence of raspberry make it a delightful choice if you have a sweet tooth.

Picture of Pistaberry cocktail in the Hideaway bar
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The Hideaway is a cocktail haven. It establishes itself as one of the best cocktail bars in Düsseldorf by employing advanced mixology techniques, carefully selecting beautiful glassware for is presentations, and showing commitment to the craft by using high quality, hand-cut, clear ice cubes.

Their dedication to exploring new territory within the world of mixology is evident in their creations, and while not all their recipes is right on the mark, the innovation shines through and yield great results.

The laid-back ambiance and the bar’s distinctive atmosphere lend itself to a great night out with friends in a stylish setting. While the backroom may lack the same attention to detail as the front, the overall experience at The Hideaway is undoubtedly noteworthy, and with expertly crafted beverages The Hideaway is a definite World of Mixology Recommendation!

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