World's best bar 2023

With a mix of innovative techniques, an out of the ordinary bar layout, and the most welcoming atmosphere, SIPS succeeds in delivering an amazing cocktail experience. Their efforts were rewarded in October 2023 when SIPS moved two spots up the list and was named the best bar in the world, making any trip to Barcelona incomplete without a visit to the bar.

SIPS bar with modern and minimalistic design

About the bar

SIPS alternative bar setup

An alternative bar setup

Have you ever imagined what your perfect house would look like? Perhaps you were thinking of a spacious living room with big, floor to ceiling windows and a beautiful island in the middle of your open kitchen from where you could entertain your friends during one of the many parties you would be hosting. Well, to us, that is exactly the atmosphere that SIPS puts forward with their alternative “open bar” setup which really makes you feel like you are a part of the action! At SIPS, the bartenders are not “hiding” behind the bar, they are right there, in the middle of the room doing what they’re best at from their elegant island-bar. And all of that to the enjoyment of the people at the tables surrounding them.

Of course, everything is taken to the next level by the modern, minimalist but extremely stylish interior décor. The beautiful furniture, a mix of cozy sofas and high tables and chairs, offers a versatile setting catering to a diverse crowd, from those seeking a casual drink to those looking for a more dynamic and social experience. The elegant dark green color of the walls adds an extra touch of modernity and helps in creating a relaxed and warm atmosphere which can even be enjoyed while waiting in line outside thanks to the large window façade.

Once seated, you certainly feel like you’re being taken care of. SIPS is a very well-staffed bar, so you’ll never run out of water, there are delicious snacks at each table and each drink is carefully explained by the waiters. The only thing you need to do is sit back, sip from your cocktail and enjoy the welcoming ambience!

The menu

The menu at SIPS is both beautiful and practical. Their selection of cocktails is cleverly split up into 5 sections: ECCENTRIC, ART, SEASONAL, PRET A PORTE & CLASSIPS. Each section is thematically different and with such a varied selection, it is guaranteed that you will find a drink to your liking at SIPS!

sips cocktail menu

The road to success

When we visited SIPS back in April, they had been nominated the 3rd best bar in the world, but it certainly ranked higher on our list based on the cozy atmosphere, the multitude of applied techniques, the innovative bar setup, and the tasty cocktails we tried.

That is why we were extremely happy to hear the news that SIPS made it to the top and is now number 1 on the World’s 50 best bars 2023 list!

sips cocktail


Strangely delicious

Our first treat of the night was “Compressed” – a cocktail that can simply be described as super delicious. The taste itself is a perfect blend of sweet and sour, creating a tangy profile that feels incredibly fresh. With hints of balsamic vinegar and light notes of strawberry coming through from both the drink and the garnish, “Compressed” offers a unique twist that really sets it apart from other cocktails.

Coming from the “ART” section of the menu at SIPS, “Compressed” is also a sight to behold, inviting you to further explore its exceptional taste.

Black Dot

An elegant White Negroni riff

The second cocktail we tasted was “Black Dot”, a masterful riff on the classic White Negroni. Elegantly presented in a slender, minimalist glass, atop a beautiful piece of ice and garnished with an orange gel, this cocktail sets the stage for a captivating experience.

As you take your first sip, you get an initial burst of sweetness followed by a delicate smoky undertone from the Mezcal. Both flavors are perfectly complementing the otherwise bitter expression of the cocktail, typical of a Negroni, making “Black Dot” a well-balanced drink.

The orange gel garnish doesn’t only add to the visual appeal of the cocktail but also imparts a burst of citrusy sweetness, thus enhancing the overall flavor profile of the drink.

Despite its notable bitterness, “Black Dot” was a surprisingly approachable and easy to drink cocktail, testament to its skillful construction.

sips cocktail black dot
sips cocktail


Developing as the sorbet melts

Described by SIPS as “7 centuries of Venice” this cocktail is certainly an extravagant choice. The cocktail is served as a scoop of sorbet with Prosecco being poured over at the table, creating a fizzy drink that keeps you on your toes as its taste develops over time as the sorbet is melting.

A combination of Italicus, Gin, Vermouth and Prosecco, this cocktail boasts with fruity, floral, and bitter notes harmoniously balanced. Lastly, the simple presentation in a coup glass only adds to the overall elegant and intriguing profile of the cocktail.


A playful experience…. though not for kids

Coming directly from the top of the SIPS menu, this cocktail is not only a delicious drink but an incredibly playful experience that is bound to put a smile on your face.

“Bubble” is a Pornstar Martini variation that is literally served in a bubble! Alongside the usual little glass of Prosecco, the cocktail is also presented with a bottle of soap bubbles setting the scene for embracing your inner child and having some fun.

Apart from its clever presentation, what makes this cocktail stand out is the powerful passion fruit taste nicely rounded off by delicate vanilla notes in the aftertaste.

Despite its rather sweet profile, “Bubble” retains a boozy kick and is the perfect choice for those who seek a lively cocktail experience.

sips cocktail bubble
SIPS cocktail mosaic


Ingenious glass garnish

Also coming from the “ART” section of the menu and inspired by the vision of Antoni Gaudi, “Mosaic” caught our attention due to its main spirit – Pisco. Though, as soon as it reached our table, its presentation took precedence with its ingenious garnish concept. Four powder dots are clued to the outside of the glass, each with a different color and flavor.

Each dot provides a unique experience as you lick it before sipping the cocktail, creating a playfulness reminiscent of childhood delights. Overall, “Mosaic” puts forward a refreshing profile with hints of coconut and a nice transition between sweetness and a slight bitter aftertaste.

Frida Kahlo

The Mexican gem

Inspired by yet another well-known figure, the last cocktail we tasted during our visit was “Frida Kahlo”. Its taste evokes the vibrance of a warm Mexican summer day with a delightful balance between the fresh green tomatoes accentuated by a mild yet robust acidity and the subtle sweetness from the corn liqueur.

The faux candy garnish adds a twist with its vanilla and nutty undertones, enhancing the drink’s complexity.

SIPS cocktail
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At most of the bars we’ve visited on our hunt for WoM recommendations, we’ve made up our mind after “only” 4 cocktails but, somehow, SIPS kept us inside a little bit longer. This is nothing if not a testimony to their well-crafted drinks and extremely welcoming atmosphere.

With a friendly staff, the innovative bar setup, and very funky cocktails – in taste as well as techniques and presentation, SIPS ticks all the boxes to become a World of Mixology recommendation!

And with SIPS going from #3 to #1 on World’s 50 Best Bars, since we visited, we’re definitely not alone in thinking this bar is world class.

So, next to Sagrada Familia and Gaudi’s Casa Batlo, please remember to add SIPS on your Barcelona itinerary, as we promise that it is as worth your time!

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