Rosemary Rickey

A refreshing ginger cocktail with herbal undertones

Rosemary Rickey is a fresh, herbal, and gingery twist on a classic Rickey cocktail. It’s a fresh and fizzy experience but with a complex herbal undertone. The herbal taste is applied not only by rosemary syrup, but also by the Green Chartreuse, adding a complex flavor profile. Gingery spice is added by either Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer, depending on the season or your personal preference. Overall, this is a very refreshing ginger cocktail with herbal undertones.

Rosemary Rickey - A refreshing ginger cocktail with herbal undertones



We’ve chosen to use Beefeater, a neutral London Dry, to give the ginger and herbal flavors room to shine. Another good alternative could be Plymouth.

45 ml

Green Chartreuse

As always, it’s difficult to find alternatives to Chartreuse.

7.5 ml

Ginger Ale / Ginger Beer

This cocktail can be made with either Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer, yielding different experiences that naturally lend themselves to different times of the year. Ginger Beer makes it a more bright and fresh experience, turning it into a perfect summer crusher. On the other hand, using Ginger Ale makes the cocktail more rounded and gives it a deeper and more earthy quality, characteristics typically found in autumn cocktails. Feel free to change this ingredient out depending on the season or your personal preference.

60 ml


Freshly squeezed.

22.5 ml

Rosemary Syrup

Bring 100 ml of water to a boil. Pour it into a bowl. Put in 5 grams of fresh rosemary and let it soak for 5 minutes. Add in 100 grams of sugar and stir until dissolved. Let it cool down to room temperature and bottle it.

15 ml


Add to shaker

Add all ingredients to a shaker, except the ginger soda. Add plenty of ice.


Shake for 8-12 seconds until the tin becomes frosty on the outside.

Fine-strain and pour

Pour the content through a fine-strainer into a highball glass filled with ice.

Top off

Top off the cocktail with either Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer, depending on your choice.


Garnish with a Rosemary Sprig and a lime wedge.

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Ingredient #1


Citadelle Original

Citadelle original is a great gin produced in France. It boasts 19 different botanicals which pair nicely with the herbs from the chartreuse and Rosemary syrup in the Rosemary Rickey cocktail.
Ingredient #2

Green Chartreuse

Green Chartreuse

Green Chartreuse is its own league, and really can’t be replaced by any other liqueur. Despite the relatively low amount, it is vital for the Rosemary Rickey, and we do not recommend substituting it.
Ingredient #3

Ginger Ale / Ginger Beer

Fever Tree

Ginger ale or Ginger beer, either way Fever Tree is an excellent choice for this, or any other cocktail.
Ingredient #4



Rosemary Rickey is a cocktail created by Jean-Félix from Truffles on the Rocks. It’s featured in his video 5 FANTASTIC FALL COCKTAILS – The Best of autumn flavors from 14th of October 2022. Supposedly an adaptation of the Gin Rickey cocktail, this cocktail only loosely follows the structure of the original. The original Gin Rickey is a simple cocktail made with gin, lime and sparkling water. The main difference is that the original is an unsweetened cocktail while this variation has sugar, not only from the rosemary syrup, but also from the added liqueur. Another difference is, that instead of getting its carbonation from sparkling water, this variation is made with Ginger Ale. The loose interpretation of the original has certainly done this cocktail no harm, since the changes and additions really make for an amazing cocktail. It’s perfectly balanced, refreshing and nicely complex. So kudos to Jean-Félix over at Truffles on the Rocks!

Flavor profile

The first thing that hits you when sipping this cocktail is the ginger. The qualities of the ginger will depend on the choice of Ginger Beer or Ale. With Ginger Beer, the cocktail has a more bright, refreshing and acidic taste. With Ginger Ale the ginger spice is more apparent, and the taste appears more grounded and less bright in its expression. While the ginger is important and is the first thing you meet when sipping the cocktail, it is by no means the star of the show. What makes this cocktail into something special is the herbal notes coming from the Chartreuse and the Rosemary Syrup. You get them on the back palate and the aftertaste. The lime simply balances out the flavors, and all together this becomes a refreshing ginger cocktail with delightful herbal undertones.

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