A Christmas Cocktail

This is a festive and amazing Christmas cocktail. Risalamande is a traditional Danish Christmas dessert, and this is an original World of Mixology cocktail inspired by it. The dessert is a rice pudding with whipped cream, vanilla and chopped almonds, served with a cherry sauce, typically on Christmas eve. Using all these ingredients as inspiration, we’ve seeked to combine the flavors of cherry, vanilla and almond, in one delicious after-dinner or dessert cocktail, perfect for the holidays. The central ingredient of this cocktail is the cherry liqueur. While any type of cherry liqueur could probably work, this cocktail was originally designed around the use of “Vișinată”. “Vișinată” is a Romanian liqueur made from sour-cherries and commonly homemade, especially in the countryside of Romania. Inspired by our own story, this cocktail conveys the marriage of Danish and Romanian culture.

Risalamande Christmas Cocktail


Cherry Liqueur

This cocktail is designed around Vișinată, which we recommend. An alternative could be Heering Cherry Liqueur. A cherry wine might also work, but this could affect the balance of the cocktail. A liqueur made from sour-cherries is preferable.

30 ml


We recommend Lorenzo Inga’s Amaretto, or alternatively Disaronno Amaretto.

30 ml

Vanilla Liqueur

We recommend Galliano Vanilla.

30 ml


Main purpose is to add volume, so something neutral. We recommend Sobieski.

30 ml


Freshly squeezed.

15 ml

Simple Syrup

1 to 1 Simple.

15 ml


Chill your serving glass

This is a no-ice cocktail, so it is important to cool the serving glass beforehand. Put it in the freezer or add in some ice cubes to chill it while mixing the cocktail. Serve in a wine glass or champagne coupe.

Add ingredients to shaker

Add all ingredients to a shaker and add plenty of ice.

Pour and fine-strain

Pour the cocktail into the chilled glass through a fine-strainer.


Garnish the cocktail with cherries on a skewer.

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Ingredient #1

Cherry Liqueur

Heering Cherry Liqueur

Being a local product, Vișinată or other Sour Cherry liqueurs are not easily sourced everywhere in the world, so it might be necessary to find an alternative, depending on your geographical location. Heering Cherry Liqueur gets the job done.
Ingredient #2


Disaronno Amaretto

While we prefer an Amaretto with a bit more marzipan on the nose for the Risalamande cocktail, Disaronno is still a fine choice for this cocktail , especially when you consider its price point and availability.
Ingredient #3

Vanilla Liqueur

Galliano Vanilla

Galliano Vanilla is among the most popular Vanilla liqueurs in the world, and is a great choice for the Risalamande cocktail, because it delivers a great balance of sweetness and vanilla taste.
Ingredient #4



Vodka serves the purpose of leveling and creating volume in Risalamande, so we recommend not to use anything too fancy, yet relatively neutral tasting. Sobieski is a great vodka of choice for fulfilling this purpose. Being a grain distillate, it is neutral tasting, and it has a low quite low price point.


This cocktail is a World of Mixology original and since it’s a relatively new creation it doesn’t have a lot of history. However, the dessert of the same name that was used as an inspiration does. Risalamande is a Danish dessert from the 19th century. It’s inspired by the French dessert riz à l’impératrice, and gained popularity during the second World War. At the time, Denmark was under German occupation and the imported ingredients for the traditional rice pudding were in low supply. In order to make the pudding last longer, cream was added as an ingredient and that is how today’s beloved dessert was born. When eating this dessert on Christmas Eve, tradition dictates that one whole almond is added to the bowl in which the dessert is served from and the person who finds the almond, receives a present. We hope that you will enjoy this Christmas Cocktail with your family and friends during the holidays.

Flavor profile

This cocktail is rich and sweet in taste. Upfront, it delivers the sweet sensation of cherries. As the sweet and sour taste of the cherries settles, the almond taste from the amaretto becomes present creating a rich nutty flavor. Everything is supported by the subtle vanilla notes from the Galliano, which stay in the background, but create complexity and depth. All these flavors work together to create a cocktail-interpretation of a traditional Christmas dessert. While well balanced, this cocktail is quite sweet and it is, therefore, perfect to serve with dessert.

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