Midori Illusion

A Tropical Melon Cocktail with Midori

The Midori Illusion cocktail is a captivating melon cocktail with Midori liqueur as its star ingredient. Its stunning green color immediately catches the eye, radiating a sense of freshness and vibrancy. With a bright, fruity, and tart taste, this cocktail combines the sweetness of Midori, the complex notes of the orange liqueur, the tanginess of lemon juice, and finally, the extra amp of tropical flavor from the pineapple juice. Sipping this enchanting melon cocktail will send you to a tropical paradise, with its harmonious fusion of flavors that excite the palate and evoke a sense of summer joy.

Cocktail Midori Illusion


Melon Liqueur

This cocktail is named after Midori which is a quite unique ingredient and therefore we don’t recommend any substitute.

60 ml


This is used for adding flavor volume, so choose whatever neutral tasting vodka you have on hand. We recommend Sobieski.

15 ml

Orange Liqueur

We recommend Cointreau since it adds the right amount of sweetness. But any Orange liqueur or Triple Sec could be used as substitute.

15 ml

Pineapple Juice

Freshly juiced pineapple yields the best result. But the taste might vary, due to the huge range of flavor found in pineapple. Storebought pineapple juice also yields a decent result but try to avoid juice made from concentrate.

30 ml

Lemon Juice

Freshly Squeezed.

30 ml


Add all ingredients to a shaker

Add all ingredients to a shaking tin and add a decent amount of ice. Don’t overfill the shaker with ice, because this might make it difficult to add enough aeration while shaking, preventing the pineapple juice from frothing. If you don’t get a satisfying foam on your cocktail, you can consider doing a dry shake (shake without ice) before adding your ice and then shaking again. But we find that this is typically not needed if you have a decent pineapple juice.


Shake the cocktail a little longer than normal, to foam up the pineapple juice, around 15 seconds.

Pour and strain

Pour and strain the cocktail into a highball glass, filled with ice. Our personal favorite ice for this cocktail is pebble ice. The reason is that this tropical cocktail looks nice with smaller ice for, but crushed ice tends to dilute it a bit too fast. Normal cubes or a large spear is a fine choice also, if you don’t have pebble on hand.

Garnish and enjoy

Garnish with dried or fresh pineapple, and potentially some pineapple leaves, or alternatively a melon piece, or a lemon wheel. As with all tropical cocktails, anything related to the drink’s ingredients works as garnish, and the more extravagant the better.

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Ingredient #1

Melon Liqueur


Midori is quite a unique liqueur, and it is in the name of the cocktail, so we do not recommend alternatives.
Ingredient #2



Vodka mostly serves the purpose of creating volume in Midori Illusion, so we recommend not to use anything too fancy, yet relatively neutral tasting. Sobieski is a great vodka of choice for fulfilling this purpose. Being a grain distillate, it is neutral tasting, and it has a low quite low price point.
Ingredient #3

Orange Liqueur


Cointreau is one of the old school triple-sec orange liqueurs and it has its own unique profile. It is quite sweet, while still maintaining a prominent orange flavor, which works very well in Midori Illusion.
Ingredient #4

Pineapple Juice


The history of the Midori Illusion cocktail is rooted in the 1980s. While specific details about its origin are scarce, the cocktail gained popularity during this era, especially in Australia and the United Kingdom. It became a staple in many bars and was particularly favored by those seeking visually striking and flavorful drinks. Midori, the bright green melon liqueur that serves as the foundation for the cocktail, was introduced by the Japanese beverage company Suntory in 1978. It quickly found its way into the international market, capturing the attention of mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts globally. The Midori Illusion cocktail became synonymous with the vibrant green color and tropical taste of the Midori liqueur. Over time, variations of the cocktail emerged, incorporating additional elements such as pineapple juice or grenadine syrup to add unique twists to the original recipe. While there isn’t a definitive source that provides a comprehensive history of the Midori Illusion cocktail, the drink’s popularity, and presence in cocktail menus across the world speak to its lasting appeal. It continues to be enjoyed as a refreshing and visually captivating melon-based cocktail.

Flavor profile

The flavor profile of the Midori Illusion cocktail is a delightful journey for the taste buds. With its bright, fruity, and tart taste, this cocktail offers a harmonious balance of flavors that evolve and interact on the palate. The sweetness of the Midori liqueur takes the lead, providing a luscious and distinct melon flavor. It captures the essence of ripe, juicy melons, providing a refreshing and slightly tropical undertone to the drink. The complexity from the orange liqueur follows by adding depth and a subtle citrus note. This enhances the overall fruity profile and contributes to the drink’s vibrant character, while supporting the sweetness of the Midori, and thus compensating for the fact that this cocktail has no syrup. Next, the tanginess of the lemon juice comes into play, cutting through the sweetness and adding a zesty, sour element. It provides a refreshing burst that helps balance the overall taste, while working in wonderous tandem with the slight acidity from the pineapple juice. The tartness of the lemon juice interacts with the sweetness of the Midori and the complexity of the orange liqueur, creating a dynamic interplay of flavors. Finally, the addition of pineapple juice brings an extra boost of tropical flavor to the Midori Illusion cocktail. It adds a touch of richness and a hint of acidity, elevating the overall taste experience. The pineapple juice complements the melon and citrus flavors, further enhancing the cocktail’s fruity profile. The Midori Illusion cocktail offers a layered and multidimensional taste experience. All the ingredients work in perfect harmony, creating a truly enjoyable and refreshing tropical melon cocktail that delights the senses.

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