Margarita Negra

A Refreshing Yet Complex Coffee Halloween Cocktail

Are you looking for an easy but delicious cocktail for your Halloween party this year? Look no further because we found it for you! It’s the Margarita Negra, a wickedly delightful twist on the classic Margarita that combines the refreshing qualities of the margarita with the rich complexity of coffee liqueur. This cocktail is the perfect addition to your Halloween party. Its dark color goes perfectly with the spooky theme, and the simple recipe makes it easy to craft in bulk for all your party guests. Plus, it serves as a unique and more refreshing alternative to the ever-so-popular Espresso Martini.

Margarita Negra Cocktail



Blanco is the standard choice here, but a Reposado will work beautifully as well, yielding a more mellow result. We recommend Calle 23 or Patrón Silver.

30 ml

Coffee Liqueur

The most popular choice here is Mr. Black which makes for a delicious cocktail, but we personally prefer to use Patrón Xo Café. This is a tequila-based coffee liqueur, which just blends in perfectly with the rest of the cocktail.

30 ml

Lime Juice

Freshly squeezed.

30 ml

Agave Syrup

Whichever you can get your hands on.

15 ml


Add all ingredients to a shaker

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and add plenty of ice.


Shake for around 10 seconds, or until the tin is frosty on the outside.

Pour and strain

Pour the content through a fine strainer into a lowball glass over normal ice cubes or preferably one large cube.

Garnish and enjoy

We like to garnish this with a dehydrated lime wheel to keep true to the dark theme.

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Ingredient #1


Calle 23

Calle 23 Blanco is a wonderful Tequila, with a powerful taste that works great for Margarita Negra. It has a bit of citrus on the nose which adds a nice refreshing touch to the coffee aroma. For the price, Calle 23 is difficult to beat.
Ingredient #2

Coffee Liqueur

Patrón Café XO

Patrón coffee liqueur is a quite unique concoction. Coffee liqueur is usually made on either a vodka, rum or pure ethanol base, and rarely on a tequila base like Patrón Café XO. But this coffee liqueur is delicious and there’s no better cocktail to use it in than Margarita Negra.
Ingredient #3

Lime Juice

Ingredient #4

Agave Syrup


Not much history seems to be available on the Margarita Negra. It’s a relatively recent creation and its reputation has really been pushed forward by the rise in popularity of Mr. Black Liqueur. Mr. Black have not only released this recipe on their website, but several personalities in the cocktail social media space have been making this drink with Mr. Black Liqueur, all tributing to the popularity of the drink.

Flavor profile

The Margarita Negra offers a flavor profile that’s both refreshing and complex. This is another great example of how coffee does not only belong in dessert cocktails. Coffee pairs surprisingly nicely with lime juice, and the earthy flavors of the coffee blend right in with the mineral taste of agave nectar and spirits. The tequila brings a delightful kick, perfectly balanced by the rich coffee liqueur. The addition of lime juice and agave syrup handles the sweet/sour balance, ensuring that your Margarita Negra remains fresh and vibrant. It’s the perfect harmony of flavors, and all the guests at your party will surely be pleased with this Halloween cocktail.

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