Hazy Russian

The Hazy Russian is a slight but very impactful twist on a traditional White Russian. With the addition of one extra ingredient, Hazelnut Liqueur, this cocktail is elevated to a whole other level. The hazelnut adds complexity and depth to the cocktail while staying true to its origin. The cream and the coffee liqueur are still the central ingredients in this cocktail, just like they are in the original, making this a solid choice for a dessert or after-dinner cocktail. This is an original World of Mixology cocktail.

Hazy Russian Cocktail



Any decent neutral tasting vodka will do. We recommend Soplica.

37.5 ml
Hazelnut Liqueur or Soplica Hazelnut Vodka

This recipe is built around Frangelico Liqueur, which we highly recommend, but other Hazelnut Liqueurs might do the job. As an alternative you can use Soplica Hazelnut Vodka by replace both vodka and Hazelnut Liqueur with Soplica Hazelnut Vodka (add 60 ml).

22.5 ml
Coffee Liqueur

We recommend Kahlua. If you choose another Coffee Liqueur that is less sweet, like Mr. Black, you might need to add some simple syrup to the recipe.

30 ml

30-45 ml. heavy or whipping cream. It should have high enough fat percentage that it will be able to thicken.

30 ml
Nutmeg (Garnish)

Optional. This cocktail will look very nice even without this, but this will add the finishing touch and some extra aroma.

1/8 tsp


Step 1: Add Vodka and Liqueurs to mixing glass

Add Vodka, Hazelnut Liqueur and Coffee Liqueur to a mixing glass and add ice. If you don’t have a mixing glass, add it directly to the serving glass.

Step 2: Stir for 5-10 seconds

This cocktail doesn’t need a lot of dilution, so stir it only briefly.

Step 3: Pour into lowball glass

Pour the content from the mixing glass into a lowball glass over ice.

Step 4: Thicken cream

Add the cream into a container with a lid and shake it until it thickens lightly. Be careful not to overdo it, you don't want Whipped cream. Alternatively, use a milk frother.

Step 5: Float cream on top

Float the cream on top of the other ingredients in the glass. If the cream is thickened properly, it should be able to float without any assistance if poured carefully.

Step 6: Grate nutmeg on top (Optional)

Grate nutmeg on top of the cream, to give the cocktail some extra aroma.

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Ingredient #1



While this could be considered a vodka cocktail, we view it more as a coffee or dessert cocktail, and therefore we recommend a neutral tasting vodka. Sobieski is a great choice. It’s a grain distillate, so it is neutral tasting, and it has a low quite low price point.
Ingredient #2

Hazelnut Liqueur


Frangelico is a fantastic hazelnut liqueur that really delivers something special to the Hazy Russian. It is made with a special type of hazelnuts that is only found in a certain region of Italy, which creates a unique and powerful taste, perfect for this cocktail.
Ingredient #3

Coffee Liqueur


Industry standard, cheap, widely available. Kahlua is a great choice for this cocktail. It adds a bit of needed sweetness, and the coffee is subtle, leaving the front stage for the hazelnut.

Flavor profile

The experience of this cocktail differs depending on whether you choose to mix the layers or sip it through the cream. Our recommendation is to sip it through the cream because that creates an evolving experience that unfolds itself over four waves. First, you’re hit with a velvety texture from the cream that coats your mouth. As you reach the second layer of the cocktail a sweet sensation from the sugar contents of the liqueurs hits you. The sweetness is soon overtaken by the complex hazelnut taste, which creates body and works perfectly with the coating from the cream. Lastly, the coffee taste becomes present, which leaves you with a dark roast, but mild, bitterness for a pleasant aftertaste.

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