Bramble is a wonderful refreshing spring or summer cocktail. It’s essentially a Gin Sour with a splash of Crème de Mûre. Crème de Mûre is a french blackberry liqueur, which adds depth and nuance to the taste of this cocktail, and gives it a beautiful and enticing look. This is one of the simplest and best Gin cocktails for a sunny afternoon.

Bramble Cocktail



The Gin isn't the star of this cocktail so pick something neutral and not too complex in flavor. We recommend a London Dry, specifically Beefeater.

60 ml
Lemon Juice

Freshly squeezed.

30 ml
Simple Syrup

1 to 1 simple syrup.

15 ml
Blackberry Liqueur

This cocktail is originally made with the French blackberry liqueur Crème de Mure. We recommend Giffard's Crème de Mûre.

15 ml
Blackberries (Garnish)

1 to 4 blackberries for garnish.

4 pieces


Step 1: Add to shaker

Add Gin, Lemon and Syrup to a shaker, and add plenty of ice.

Step 2: Shake for 10-15 seconds

Shake until the tin becomes frosty on the outside.

Step 3: Fill 3 quarters of the glass with ice

Fill three quarters of a lowball with pebble or crushed ice.

Step 4: Pour into glass

Pour the content of the shaker into the glass.

Step 5: Top with more ice

Top off the glass with more pebble or crushed ice.

Step 6: Garnish

Garnish the cocktail with some fresh blackberries and a fresh or dried lemon wheel.

Step 7: Add Crème de Mûre

Pour Crème de Mûre on top of the cocktail.

Spirit Recommendations

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Ingredient #1


Citadelle Original

Citadelle original is a great gin produced in France, making it a perfect companion for the French blackberry liqueur in this cocktail. Citadelle also has some citrus flavors that goes great with the lemon in the Bramble.
Ingredient #2

Blackberry Liqueur

Giffard Crème de Mûre

Like any of other French fruit liqueur, Crème de Mure is made in many different ways, with the base spirit ranging from anything in between Cognac and Wine. There really is no right or wrong here, so choose whatever brand you like. We think that Giffard’s has a nice balance for the cocktail.

Flavor profile

Bramble has all the tastes of a traditional Gin Sour. It has the tartness from the lemon that lightly bites the tongue, the sweetness from the syrup to keep the acidity in check, and the botanicals of the Gin to add spice and complexity. On top of that comes the blackberry liqueur, transforming this cocktail into so much more than a simple sour, adding depth and character. The Sour base is perfect for this cocktail because it mimics the sweet and sour balance that is naturally found in wild blackberries, which makes them unique compared to other berries.

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