Bahama Mama

To us, Bahama Mama is a celebration of the Caribbean culture, and the cocktail lives up to that by combining many traditional Caribbean ingredients. It is centered around the holy Tiki trinity of rum, pineapple and coconut, but more ingredients are introduced to the mix to create depth and balance. To stick with the theme, we created a garnish that tries to resemble the traditional headwear of the indigenous people of the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands, the Taino people.


Black Blended Overproof Rum

We recommend Plantation O.F.T.D.

15 ml

Blended Aged Rum

We recommend Plantation 5 Year Grand Reserve.

45 ml

Coconut Liqueur

We recommend Malibu. Alternatively use a coconut rum.

30 ml

Coffee Liqueur

We recommend Kahlua.

22.5 ml

Lime Juice

Freshly squeezed.

22.5 ml

Pineapple Juice

Preferably freshly juiced, but store bought is an alright alternative.

90 ml


Add ingredients to a shaker

Add all ingredients to a shaker, and add plenty of ice.

Shake for 8-12 seconds

Shake for around 10 seconds, or until the tin is frosty on the outside.

Pour and double-strain

Pour the content through a fine strainer into a large glass (this cocktail has a huge volume) over crushed ice.


Garnish with half a pineapple slice and pineapple leaves – arranged to resemble a Taino crown.

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Ingredient #1

Black Blended Overproof Rum

Plantation O.F.T.D

Plantation O.F.T.D is a great choice for the Bahama Mama. It delivers the punch and complexity that is required for the cocktail, without adding so much funk that it overpowers some of the other flavors in the cocktail, which can be the case with some of the other overproofed alternatives, like Smith & Cross.
Ingredient #2

Blended Aged Rum

Plantation Barbados 5 years

While many rums can work in this cocktail, Plantation 5 Year Grand Reserve hits the sweet spot for this cocktail. Medium age, deep notes and cane caramel come together to deliver complexity to Bahama Mama.
Ingredient #3

Coconut Liqueur


A coconut rum could work for the Bahama Mama, but we recommend Malibu because it is a liqueur and therefore brings some extra sweetness to this cocktail, which allows us to forgo adding any syrup.
Ingredient #4

Coffee Liqueur


A more coffee forward alternative like Mr. Black could work for this cocktail, but Kahlua delivers a bit more sweetness, which is what allows us to reach the desired sweetness in the Bahama Mama without adding syrup. Also, this is not a “coffee cocktail”, so Kahlua is a great choice for delivering the subtle earthy notes we are looking for in this cocktail, without stealing the show from our other ingredients.


There’s not a lot of known history about the Bahama Mama. No one knows exactly when the cocktail was created, but it was already a popular drink in the 1950s. The drink seems to be named after the singer Dottie Lee Anderson, who performed in the Bahamas and around the Caribbean in the 1930s, but there’s no direct evidence of that. Bartender and cocktail-book-author Oswald Greenslade is commonly associated with the cocktail and wrote a recipe for it in his book “One More Cocktail”, but there is no supporting evidence that he in fact created the drink.

Flavor profile

Bahama Mama is a refreshing cocktail that builds around pineapple and coconut, but by introducing coffee liqueur it creates a twist on this otherwise classic Tiki setup, that adds some extra depth and complexity. With a split base of dark rums, there’s plenty of power behind the otherwise fruity flavor of this cocktail. The lime in combination with the pineapple juice create the perfect amount of acidity which balances the cocktail and adds to its overall freshness.

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